Léo Ternoir • Jacky Fong • Léna Scaravella • Thomas Boulongne
Interactive cushion
IoT • UX/UI • Arduino
A project with
Léo Ternoir • Jacky Fong • Léna Scaravella • Thomas Boulongne


 for the indecisive

Cushy! is a cushion that you can squeeze, pet, or punch when you’re cozy, on your couch, and you don’t know what TV show or movie to watch. It’ll tell you what’s best based on your mood. No need to wonder around for hours, looking for something you haven’t seen and that seems to fit how you’re feeling tonight. Thanks to a user friendly interface, you can instantly get to your movie or TV show.


Short & fun

This was a 1 month workshop at Gobelins school. We had no other instructions than making an IoT.

Since we didn’t have much time, we wanted something fun, challenging but doable and linked to a common interest: movies and TV shows.


Discrete & homemade

After many hours of research, try and error, we managed to make a sensor, out of Velostat (conductive & pressure sensitive sheet) and copper strips, able to map the position and the strength of our hands on the surface of our cushion. So by pressing, stroking, cuddling or even punching Cushy, he'll know and tell you what movie correspond to your mood, based on your gestures.

We designed and crafted a custom cushion cover with fabric paint and printed fabric that is matching our UI.