Jacky Fong
2019 - 2020
Site vitrine
UX & UI Design • Branding • Illustration
A project with
Jacky Fong


The new era
of a company

Since 1987, Jean-Christophe Boggio creates tailored softwares as a freelance, and more specifically in the music field since 1992.

In 2018, his company got bigger as he hired Emily Louyot (business developper). What’s been Cabinet Jean-Christophe Boggio for all those years then became Improvize, and the need of a new branding & website arose.


A fresh branding

Their needs:

  • 1 logo for improvize
  • 4 logos for their softwares
  • A minimalist showcase website

The most urgent were obviously the logo for Improvize, then for the softwares.

Since the software solutions are not only for the music industry but also for book publishing and various additional tools, a clear representation of the music industry was out of the question. Their values, however, were interesting: methodological, structured and meticulous.

They were perfectly represented by the bee & bee hives, and then enhanced by an overall very geometrical & Escher-like aspect, between realism and abstraction, in the typography and the iconography.


Show off products

The goal of Improvize’s website was to showcase their softwares (with a tight deadline).

I went through several steps to achieve the result I wanted:

  • Sitemap based on the client’s wishes, to have a better understanding of the page’s link and avoid redundancy;
  • Delivery of the main pages wireframes (landing, product, services) to establish the base of the website then the rest of the wireframes;
  • Website’s UI (with several propositions at first, adjustments and the final design), including the illustrations;
  • Working in parallel with the developper (Jacky Fong) since the sitemap to work agile, avoid delaying him, and have the MVP on time.