Speaker Djingo
2019 - 2020
Voice assistant
UX & UI Design • UXC
A project with


Voice assistant & privacy

Getting information quickly, control several house equipments, call without using your hands… It’s not just a fantasy, and it was already possible to access those services on several voice assistant.

But Orange is now positioned in the market, thanks to Djingo, focusing on the privacy of its clients data. The "Bible" (reference doc / fondamental characteristics of Djingo), created by Frederic Mit, Elena Tosi Brandi & Pascal Taillard, ensures the coherence of that principle amongst others.


A well oiled machine

Djingo evolved a lot across those two years of development, between Orange’s desire to make a high-quality user-centric product and the reality of technology and marketing that rose along the way.

I joined one of the Design team in january 2019, and the months that went by allowed me to work on many aspects of that voice assistant.

To stay focused, different teams were created, working Agile and organising weekly meetings, which gave us the opportunity to see how far along everyone was (and anticipate needs).


A rich experience

My main mission has been to help Thomas Lauby and share the amount of work on the mobile app’s design:

  • Question UX & review/make UI for existing services;
  • Anticipate other features, pages, screens…;
  • Answer to PO’s delivery needs;
  • Some CUX on the Podcast skill;
  • Apply Orange’s Design System...

I also took part in various workshops, as a participant and as organiser:

  • Error messages (in-app & vocal);
  • Management of multiple accounts / profiles (long term vision, outside of MVP);
  • Orange TV skill inside Djingo’s global ecosystem...